In 2000, shortly after arriving in New York City, Quentin set up an email group for 25 of his friends, so that they could help each other find apartments and jobs, tell each other about events and share tips. His friend Laurence asked if she could invite Cecile to join who, after finding a great doctor through Quentin’s Friends, recommended it to David and so it started to grow...

Quentin’s Friends is now a vibrant community with thousands of members who actively seek to help each other. We are definitely not ‘just another social networking web site’ but rather, an extended on- & off-line network of dynamic, creative, knowledgeable, international friends that you can ask or tell anything you might normally ask or tell your immediate circle of friends - and get immediate responses!

In addition, you can browse the members’ Events Calendar, the Member Profiles and thousands of recommendations and other message archives.

Based on the principle that our friends are people with whom we share certain values, all our Members have made a commitment that, in all dealings with other fellow members, they will respect and uphold the community’s core founding Values: honesty, integrity, courtesy, respect, generosity, gratitude, positivity, open-mindedness, fun and a sense of humor(!).

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