Alumni (Past) Members
An Alumni Member is anyone who was referred to Quentin’s Friends and has enjoyed a Paid or Trial membership in the past.
As an Alumni Member you are welcome to invite your friends to enjoy a Free Trial Month and to RSVP to and attend
Quentin’s Friends Events. (If you have not yet registered with the web site, you will need to do that first).
To adjust your email settings or stop receiving emails (invitations to Quentin’s Friends parties etc), please click here.
As an Alumni Member, you do not need to be referred/invited again. However if your email address has changed & you no longer receive emails at your old Quentin’s Friends Member Email Address, then please go here
  • To re-activate your membership, if you can still receive emails to your previous Member Email Address:
  • If you unsubscribed before August 1st, 2009, then you have not experienced our new web site & are eligible for a
    New Free Trial Month. To activate your Free Trial month simply Register with the web site.
  • If you unsubscribed after August 1st, 2009, and have therefore already experienced the new web site, then you simply need to Reactivate/Upgrade your membership.
  • If you are not sure when you unsubscribed, then simply Register with the web site. If you are eligible for the Free Trial Membership you will receive the offer, if not you will be offered the opportunity to upgrade/reactivate your membership.
  • If you have other questions, please visit our FAQ page
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