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What is Quentin's Friend?

Founded in 2000, Quentin's Friends is a community with thousands of members who actively seek to help each other. We are definitely not 'just another social networking site' but rather, an extended network of dynamic, creative, knowledgeable, international friends that you ask or tell anything you might normally ask or tell your immediate circle of friends - and get immediate responses!

In addition, you can browse the members' events Calendar, member profiles, thousands of recommendations and other message archives.

Based on the principle that our friends are people with whom we share certain values, all our Members have made a commitment that, in all dealings with other fellow members, they will respect and uphold the community's core founding Values: honesty, integrity, courtesy, respect, generosity, gratitude, positivity, open-mindedness, fun and a sense of humor(!).

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How does Quentin's Friends work?

Each new member is referred to Quentin's Friends by an existing member, who vouches for his/her character. When new members join, they make a commitment to respect and uphold Quentin's Friends' values (honesty, integrity, courtesy, respect, generosity, gratitude, fun, positivity, open-mindedness & a sense of humor) in all their dealings.

Every member has access to the members-only website where s/he can post messages to the community, search or browse: member profiles; thousands of recommendations for service providers; our members’ events calendar and our entire message archives.

When Members post messages they are broadcast via our ‘listserv’ to the whole community. The messages must first be approved by a trained Quentin's Friends Moderator to ensure the content is consistent our values and correctly formatted.

Member messages are broadcast to all the other members as ‘Individual Emails' (sent in batches of up-to 15 emails messages, 3 times per week day) or in a ‘Daily Digest' (1 email sent each day at 4.30p.m. each week day). The Daily Digest contains all the approved messages of the last 24hrs, sorted by posting category. Members then reply to the email. Email addresses are masked for the sender’s security.

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What are my Membership Options at the end of my Trial Period?
At any time during your 30 day Trial Period you can Upgrade to Full/Ongoing membership.

Regular Membership is $14.99 per quarter and allows you full access to the Quentin’s Friends Members Site & all Members Benefits. After you make your initial payment, your membership dues are automatically charged to your credit card every 3 months on a recurring basis.

For your security information disclosed on our payments pages is encrypted and credit card numbers are stored on our payment provider's extra-secure servers. You can update your billing information at any time by logging in to our site and clicking on ‘My Billing Information’.

Non-Resident Membership at $7.99/qtr is the other option. If you are eligible, this option allows you the same privileges as Regular Membership.

To qualify for Non-Resident Membership you must
  • not live or work in or within 100 miles of New York City
  • spend less than 30% of your time in or within 100 miles of New York
  • pay with a credit card in your own name, with a phone number, area code & billing address located more than 100 miles from New York

Non-Resident Membership is subject to Moderator approval. Especially given that our core values include 'Honesty' & 'Integrity', please be honest in requesting to be considered for Non-Resident Membership.
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Who are Quentin's Friend's Members?
The community was started in June 2000 with 25 of Quentin's friends. It has now grown to several thousand friends (and friends of friends) who all share the personal values of honesty, integrity, courtesy, respect, generosity, gratitude, fun, positivity, open-mindedness & a sense of humor.

It includes a very diverse group of highly creative individuals ages 18-80 (or more) - starving-artists to investment bankers; not-for-profit & charity specialists, entrepreneurs & freelancers, home-makers, & many different professions including, advertising, fashion, medicine (traditional & alternative),TV, film, theatre, publishing, architecture, music, web-designers & programmers, law, accounting etc.; numerous nationalities - too many to number - oh, and both sexes!
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What are the Quentin’s Friends listserv posting categories?
Members are welcome to post messages to the Quentin’s Friends listserv in any of the following categories

  • Introduce Yourself
  • Express Gratitude / Say ThankQ! - for help you have received from the community

Help Each Other
  • Make a Recommendation - for service providers, professionals, restaurants, fellow members, advice & tips etc..
  • Offering (Miscellaneous) - offer assistance, advice, tips, information, free stuff etc.).
  • Seeking (Miscellaneous) – for seeking objects/stuff, assistance, advice, tips, information etc. It’s usually best to browse our recommendations first - you may find what you are looking for there.

  • Meeting People – General – for activity partners, business networking etc.
  • Meeting People – Dating - wouldn't you rather date the friend of friend than a stranger?
  • Invite People to an Event
  • Recommend an Event

Real Estate
  • Rental- Offered & Seeking
  • For Sale
  • Seeking to Buy

  • Offer a Barter or Trade
  • For Sale

  • Job Offer
  • Seeking Work
  • Offer Product or Services
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What makes Quentin's Friends special or different?
There are many qualities that make Quentin's Friends special. In our opinion, the two main ones are:

YOU - THE MEMBERS!: We usually pick our friends based on shared values. Thanks to the fact that, to join Quentin's Friends, one needs to be invited by a current member, we have been able to develop and maintain an incredible community of people with the highest levels of personal integrity.

QUALITY CONTROL: A carefully trained Quentin's Friends Moderator checks every message that is sent to the listserv, to ensure that in style, tone and content it reflects the Quentin's Friends' values and benefits the members in some way.

See our Member Testimonials.
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How is Quentin's Friends different from Craigslist?
Craigslist is different to Quentin's Friends in many ways (and will remain so):

  • Quentin's Friends carries out quality control with regard to members and content whereas craigslist does not. Every member of Quentin's Friends has been invited to join by another current member who has vouched for his or her character. The content and format of every single message sent out via our listserv is checked by a trained moderator, to ensure emails are easy to read and understand and to block Spam or emails that we do not consider to be in line with Quentin's Friends purpose &/or values. Quentin's Friends aims for quality content and quality membership over quantity.
  • Craig’s List is about volume- – it has thousands and thousands of users - which allows them to make money from charging for certain postings. They can support the high usage volume because they have no advance quality controls on the people who use their site or on the postings themselves.
  • If you advertise to share your apartment, sell your sofa or find an employee on craigslist, anyone who has internet access could turn up at your door. If you advertise on Quentin's Friends, you have the assurance that everyone that you meet has been vouched for by another member. You can even verify this with us. Before contacting members, you can view their profile, their past postings, testimonials about & by them, who referred them, their invitees & who they are ‘Q’nnected to’ etc..
  • One is not a ‘member' of craigslist in the way that one is a ‘member' of Quentin's Friends - - craigslist is mainly a classified ad's website that one 'uses ' when one needs it, while Quentin's Friends is an online community with which one has a daily relationship and to which most members give to others as much or more as they receive.
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What are the future plans for Quentin's Friends?
Based on member feedback & needs, & the opportunities that technology open up to us, we will constantly be improving the features & benefits Quentin’s Friends offers.

In addition, we will soon begin launching ‘Quentin's Friends Communities' in other US cities & around the world, starting with Los Angeles in the near future…

We will grow the sister communities as always, by ‘invitation only’ to new members, from you, the current members. In each city we will ‘give back' by working with a charity like City Harvest.

“…When on a trip to Hong Kong recently, I was disappointed to realize that I didn't know anyone there… to show me round, recommend a good restaurant etc. Imagine if there had been a Quentin's Friends Hong Kong…. I could have subscribed up to the Quentin’s Friends Hong Kong listserv a couple of weeks before my trip, posted to say I was coming, checked postings for openings, clubs etc., started to correspond with Hong Kong Quentiners – perhaps attended a Quentins Anonymous party there... Once there I would have discovered a side of Hong Kong I would never otherwise have seen. Perhaps I would even have found an apartment sublet instead of staying at a hotel! Best of all, I would have known that although the people were on the other side of the world, we were connected somehow - and share the same basic values”. – Quentin English – Founder of Quentin’s Friends.


Imagine… How would you like to be able to connect with other ‘Quentiners' to…
  • Swap your Chelsea apartment for an art deco house in South Beach, Miami?
  • Get invited to the parties in Paris?
  • Find out about the job market for scuba instructors in Australia?
  • Do an apartment swap with someone ‘fabulous' in LA?
  • Go on a Quentins Anonymous pub crawl in London?
  • Tell the world about your website, your art, your band – or even your ‘brand'?!

If we have not yet launched Quentin’s Friends in your city then:
  • Join Quentin’s Friends as a Non-Resident Member – about 10% of our members are Non-Resident. Given the many features of the site and the breadth of subject of postings, they still get a lot of value from membership.
  • Contact us to let us know that you are interested in hearing about it, when we launch in your city.
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