Quentin English - Founder
Founder - Quentin English Photo: Ian Muir
Quentin was born in London and moved to Paris after university, where he lived for 10 years before moving to New York City in 1999.
He has spent his career working in marketing and launching various entrepreneurial ventures. In one venture, he and a partner created an award-winning, pan-European train tour to promote an up-coming Disney movie. It involved building an attraction in a train which toured a total of 80 cities in 12 countries and was visited by over ½ million people.
The concept of karma and the idea that ‘every act is a cause set in motion’ has been a motivating factor for Quentin with regard to Quentin’s Friends. His hope is that every posting and every ‘Q’mmunication’ between members can be a ‘positive cause set in motion’.
Another influence on Quentin has been the Non-Violent Communication (NVC) teachings of Marshall Rosenberg. Quentin and the Quentin’s Friends team apply NVC principles in their communications with Quentin’s Friends members, and he encourages members to do likewise.
Having launched Quentin’s Friends in 2000, he will continue to expand the community into other cities and countries and to help other clubs, associations, not-for-profits and charities build community by licensing the software platform on which Quentin’s Friends is built to them.
Quentin lives in Lower Manhattan with his wife Joanne and their daughter Chloé.
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