Member Benefits
  • Trust & Security: The security of knowing that every Quentin's Friends member you interact with has been vouched for by another member, and therefore shares our founding values of: honesty, integrity, courtesy, respect, generosity, gratitude, fun, positivity, open-mindedness & a sense of humor(!).
  • Quality: Every communication you receive from Quentin's Friends is first checked and approved by a carefully trained Quentin's Friends moderator, to ensure that it is easy to read and understand, and to block SPAM or emails considered inconsistent with Quentin's Friends purpose &/or values.
  • Save Money: Thanks to the helpful tips, free events, free stuff, discount offers etc. that Quentin’s Friends Members share with each other, there are many ways in which Quentin’s Friends can help you save money.
  • Thousands of Searchable Recommendations: Whether you are seeking a service provider (such as a plumber, a lawyer, a doctor, dentist or handyman), a Turkish restaurant or tips for your next trip to Italy, you can search our Recommendations Archive which contains thousands of recommendations made by our members over the last few years.
  • Events Calendar: Our Members organize & recommend dozens of events – social, professional, spiritual, charity oriented etc. These can be found in the Events Calendar & in our weekly events digest broadcast on Mondays.
As a Member of Quentin’s Friends, you can:
(See also our Member Testimonials)
  • Tap into a resource of thousands of friends (and friends of friends) that you can instantly ask or tell anything you might normally ask or tell your regular circle of friends.
  • Network online (via our Member Profile search) & off-line/in-person at Quentin’s Friends official events & members’ events.
  • Ask for advice or recommendations on any subject and receive almost immediate feedback – often from dozens of people.
  • Tell thousands of like-minded friends (& friends of friends) about events or activities that you are involved in – such as your band playing in a downtown bar, your gallery opening or a benefit by your favorite charity.
  • Discover new plays, movies, galleries, comedy shows, restaurants, bars and clubs recommended by fellow members.
  • Seek, buy or sell anything (legal!) at great prices - furniture, appliances, computer equipment, cars, apartments, last minute concert tickets etc…
  • Search the Member Profiles for friends, dates, business partners, activity partners.
  • Find a job, freelance work or business partners
  • Find employees, subcontractors or freelancers
  • Find a sublet or roommate (who has of course been vouched for by a fellow member).
  • Get invited to a wide variety of benefits, networking, educational or cultural events – often free or at discounted rate for Quentin's Friends members.
  • Benefit from many exclusive offers provided to you by Quentin's Friends and fellow members.
  • Seek recommendations for professional advisors - an accountant for your taxes, a visa lawyer…
  • Promote your company, products or services by posting to the group (subject to certain posting guidelines and a small additional fee) and in your Personal Profile.
  • Share the benefits by inviting your friends & family to join Quentin's Friends.
  • Help feed hungry New Yorkers: a percentage of membership proceeds is donated to City Harvest. Since 2004, Quentin’s Friends has helped provide over 20,000 meals to hungry New Yorkers.
  • Enjoy the benefits of the future growth and development of Quentin's Friends as we launch in other cities and new features & services.
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