How Can I Join?
Thank you for your interest in Quentin's Friends Membership. We hope we will be able to welcome you.
Membership of Quentin's Friends is exclusively for Quentin's friends - and their friends (and their friends! etc.). Meaning… membership is
'by invitation' only.
If you wish to join, you need to be invited by a friend who is already a member and who is willing to vouch for your character.
If you have a friend who knows you well and who is a Quentin's Friends member (past or present), then please:
1. Ask them if they would be willing to vouch for you and invite you to join Quentin's Friends. Inviters are accountable for their invitees behaviour, so please respect your friend's decision if they should not feel they know you well enough to invite you.
If they agree to do this, then:
2. Please ask them to log-in to Quentin’s Friends & then click on ‘Invite Your Friends To Join’ under ‘Just Do It’. They should be able to register/log-in even if they are an Alumni (Past) Member.
You will then receive an invitation from your friend containing a link to the Member Registration page, and will be able to enjoy a Free 30 day Trial Membership. (Only one Trial Membership per person is allowed, even if you use a different email address(!)).
If you do not currently know any Quentin's Friends members then we are sorry not to be able to welcome you as a member at this time, but would like to leave you with this tip: Next time someone you know well forwards an email to you that they received from Quentin's Friends, ask the person if they would be willing to vouch for you and to invite you to join Quentin's Friends.

If you are an Alumni (Past Member) please click here.
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