Thanks for your interest in Quentin’s Friends – we’d love to welcome you on board, and share the many benefits and exclusive deals with you.

If you’ve been a member in the past – hello again! Skip to Past Members.

You can only become a member if another member – or past member – invites you. That’s how we know everyone in Quentin’s Friends shares the same basic values.

Each member is responsible for the behavior of anyone they invite to join. So don’t be offended if a member feels they don’t know you well enough yet to take that responsibility.

Once you have a member, current or past, happy to invite you, there are just two things to do:

1. Your friend needs to login to QF and click ‘Invite Friends’ in the top navigation bar. Then they just follow a few simple steps.

2. You’ll get an invitation email from us. (No email? Please check your spam folder.) Now you can activate your free 30-day Trial Membership. (One Trial Membership per person.) You can upgrade to full membership at any time during your Trial.

Don’t know any members?

Rats. Sorry, we have to be strict about the invitation process. But Quentin’s Friends is growing fast. You may well find that a friend has joined before too long. Our members often share posts from the community – if you spot a friend doing so, why not ask if they’ll invite you?