Our Story

I’m Quentin English. I also happen to be English – I moved to New York in 1998. Not long after, I created a little online network to help my friends and I stay in touch, and share our experiences of the city.

Pretty soon we were helping each other find jobs and apartments, offering items for sale, and sharing recommendations for anything from restaurants to plumbers. We knew we could trust those recommendations, because we were all friends.

From 25 to 1000s

One day, Laurence invited her friend Cecile to join. She knew she’d fit right in. Almost immediately, Cecile found a great doctor through Quentin’s Friends. Delighted, she recommended the network to her friend David. And like Topsy, it just grew.

That’s still how it works today. It’s still just for friends – you can only join if a current member invites you. Only now, there are thousands of us: a vibrant community of dynamic, creative, international people. Share anything, ask anything – you’ll get replies straight away.

A trusted community

And you still know you can trust the job offers, items for sale, recommendations and advice on the site. Because as well as being invited, each new member makes the same commitment to uphold the values of Quentin’s Friends: honesty, integrity, courtesy, respect, generosity, gratitude, positivity, open-mindedness, fun – and a sense of humor.

Have a look around. Find out about our growing range of deals with great brands and meet some of our members. Once you have joined, see what’s happening offline in the members’ Events Calendar, check out thousands of Recommendations, and browse the Postings.

There’s always something going on at Quentin’s Friends. And the more involved you get, the more valuable it will be – and the more fun you’ll have!

– Quentin