Posting Guidelines

Category Choice

  • Please take care to choose the appropriate posting category so that your posting will be correctly categorized in the Daily Digest & in the Message Archives.
  • If you post in the wrong category we may ask you to re-post.


You can post about (almost) anything you would ask or tell your friends. That said....
  • Postings should be of a practical, social, cultural, spiritual, personal, professional/business, or entertainment-related nature. We do not accept
  • We do not accept
  • Politically oriented postings (for events, websites, blogs etc).
  • Postings requesting money or sponsorship for charities/non-profits. However you are welcome to post requests for specific, practical, non-financial help such as volunteers, auction donation items, used office equipment.
  • Network marketing/multi-level marketing recruiting or invitations to ‘Opportunity Meetings’.
  • Rants (Positivity is one of our values!).
  • Please include a brief introduction to yourself at the beginning of your posting. (Even if you have done so in previous postings).
  • Please combine postings of a similar nature, for example if you have a number of items to sell.
  • Please don’t combine postings about different issues – e.g. Offering a ThankQ + Seeking an Apartment.
  • Remember to include all relevant information in the body for the email e.g. pricing in a ‘For Sale’, contact details in a ‘Recommendation’ etc..
  • Please not include links to postings on other sites (e.g. another classified ad’ site). Instead, please include all relevant information and/or pictures in your posting.
  • If you expect to receive monetary or business-promotional benefit from a posting, you should post in the ‘Offer Products or Services’ category (except for Events, which you should simply post via the ‘Invite People to an Event’ Category, & Real Estate Brokers who can post in the relevant Real Estate category).
  • You are welcome to post a link to your Newsletter or Blog. Please post such emails in 'Offered (Misc)' no more than Quarterly. You can also include this information for other members to browse in your member profile. If the purpose of your newsletter/blog is to promote your business or services, you should post it in the 'Promote your Products or Services' category.


  • You can attach / upload documents or images in various formats including: Word, PDF, JPG, GIF, or PNG files to postings.
  • Attachments will be included as links in the postings. Members will click through to see the attachments on the web site. Login will not be required to view attachments.
  • Maximum size of 5MB per file - large files will take time to upload.
  • Please do not upload photos containing cartoons, celebrities, nudity, or copyrighted images.
  • Include all relevant information in the body of your posting - don’t oblige people to refer to your attachment for vital information – e.g. for event flyers.


  • Posting style should reflect our core values.
  • Please make your posting friendly, positive, polite and, if possible, amusing!
  • Please avoid overly commercial language or style which may make your posting appear SPAM-like.


  • Subject line: We help you create your posting subject line. You can edit it, but, for consistency, please stay as close to our recommended version as possible.
  • UPPER CASE is not allowed in the subject line or the body of postings, except for acronyms e.g. UNESCO. In internet etiquette UPPER CASE is equated with SHOUTING(!).
  • Email footers should be no longer than 4 lines, and should not be overly ‘promotional’.
  • For your security your email address is not included in postings. We will re-direct responses to you. So, you do not need to include your email address unless you particularly want to.

Posting Frequency

  • Please wait 2 weeks between similar posts – e.g. Sub-letting your apartment.
  • If you intend to send out an identical or similar post on a regular/on-going basis e.g. offering a service, please wait at least one month between posts.
  • Please only post a maximum of one ‘Seeking: Home For a Pet XXX’ per month.