Our code of conduct is inspired by our community Values (honesty, integrity, courtesy, respect, generosity, gratitude,
positivity, open-mindedness, fun and a sense of humor(!)) and simply emphasizes or specifies certain points with
regard to how one should act as a member of Quentin’s Friends.
  • Pay careful attention to the Posting Guidelines.
  • Read the listserv postings and help your fellow members when you can.
  • Respond to every response you receive to a posting – if only to say ThankQ in some way. See ‘Ways to say ThankQ’ in our FAQ.
  • For any transactions you enter into, confirm agreements with fellow members in writing.
  • Advise us if a fellow member acts in a way that is not consistent with our Values, Code of Conduct or Membership Agreement.
  • Fail to show up for meetings with fellow members, without giving notice by phone & email at least 3 hours in advance.
  • Invite people to join Quentin’s Friends that you do not know well. Ask yourself ‘Would I invite this person into my home?’ prior to inviting them into our ‘virtual home’.
  • Send unhelpful, cynical or sarcastic responses to postings you receive.
  • Use any rude, insulting or judgmental language when communicating with fellow members.
  • Contact Quentin’s Friends support without first checking our FAQ. for answers.