Hi – I’m Quentin English. I founded Quentin’s Friends back in 2000. (There’s more on that in Our Story.) I live in Lower Manhattan with my wife Joanne and our two children.

I was born in London, and moved to Paris after university. After several years there, I came to New York City in 1998. I’ve worked in marketing and have launched a variety of entrepreneurial ventures.

Making good things happen

One of my central motivations for setting up Quentin’s Friends was the idea of karma, and that ‘every act is a cause set in motion’. My hope is that every recommendation, every piece of advice, every story shared between our members can be a ‘positive cause set in motion’.

I’m also much influenced by the Non-Violent Communication (NVC) teachings of Marshall Rosenberg. The team and I apply NVC principles in all our communications with members, and we actively encourage them to do the same.

Read an interview with Quentin here.

Building the community

It’s been a delight seeing the community grow, and to be able to offer more and more benefits to our members. (Not least the growing range of wonderful deals and discounts.)

Now, as well as growing the community in New York, we’re aiming to expand into other cities and countries.

Whatever happens, with a community like ours it’s always going to be exciting!

- Quentin