Other Cities… Other Countries...
Currently we are just in New York City, but we will soon begin launching Quentin's Friends communities in other US cities & around the world – starting with Los Angeles.
We will grow the sister communities as always, by ‘invitation only’ to new members, from you, the current members. In each city we will ‘give back' by working with a charity like City Harvest.
As a member of one city group, you will be able to post to, or receive messages via the listservs of the other city communities (subject to our ‘moderation').
“……When on a trip to Hong Kong recently, I was disappointed to realize that I didn't know anyone there… to show me round, recommend a good restaurant etc. Imagine if there had been a Quentin's Friends Hong Kong…. I could have subscribed up to the Quentin’s Friends Hong Kong listserv a couple of weeks before my trip, posted to say I was coming, checked HK postings and archives for openings, clubs etc., started to correspond with Hong Kong Quentiners – perhaps attended a Quentins Anonymous party there... Once there I would have discovered a side of Hong Kong I would never otherwise have seen. Perhaps I would even have found an apartment sublet instead of staying at a hotel! Best of all, I would have known that although the people were on the other side of the world, we were connected somehow - and share the same basic values” – Quentin English – Founder of Quentin’s Friends.

Imagine… How would you like to be able to connect with other ‘Quentiners' to…
  • Swap your Chelsea apartment for an art deco house in South Beach, Miami?
  • Get invited to the parties in Paris?
  • Find out about the job market for scuba instructors in Australia?
  • Do an apartment swap with someone ‘fabulous' in LA?
  • Go on a Quentins Anonymous pub crawl in London?
  • Tell the world about your website, your art, your band – or even your ‘brand'?!

If we have not yet launched Quentin’s Friends in your city then:
  • Join Quentin’s Friends as a Non-Resident Member – about 10% of our members enjoy (reduced price) Non-Resident Membership. Given the many features of the site and the breadth of subject of postings, they still get abundant value from their reduced price membership.

  • Contact us to let us know that you want us to launch in your city and are interested in hearing about it when we do – let us know how many friends you would invite to help us get started(!).
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