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Quentin's Friends holds Quentins Anonymous parties every 1-2 mths.   
These fun events offer guests & non-members a chance to find out more about Quentin's Friends and meet current members or 'Quentiners' and offer Quentiners - new & old - a chance to meet up, put 'faces to email addresses', catch up on the many stories behind the emails and get to know each other in person as well as 'virtually'.
A new member who attended a recent party exclaimed: 'Compared to other gatherings and net working parties I've been to, Quentins Anonymous was by FAR the most down to earth, the most relaxed, and most fun'. 
If you would like to VOLUNTEER to help out on the night - welcoming guests, setting up etc., then we would love to hear from you. Please email us here

The following Quentins Anonymous parties will be...
Join us for  the next Quentins Anonymous Party on  March 29th  2006
Find out more and RSVP here

Click here to see photos of previous Quentins Events 

  now for the next
Quentin's Anonymous
  on Wednesday
  Mar.29 th @
Mocca Lounge
"Quentin's Friends made a remarkable difference in my life!"
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