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From an article by Sarah Gilbert

...Quentin English's 5-year-old group, Quentin's Friends, has been a haven for many New Yorkers.

"People used to forward stuff to me because they knew that I knew a lot of people," says the 39-year-old founder, who moved here from Paris 7 years ago.

Quentin English and some  Quentin's Friends members at a 'Quentin's Anonymous Party'

To make his life easier, English set up a group list on Yahoo so his extended circle could communicate with one another directly.

Since then, English's list has grown to thousands - nearly all of them New Yorkers.

There's a catch: You can only become a "friend" if a current member recommends you. (English keeps the URL a closely guarded secret.) "This may sound corny, but everyone in Quentin's Friends is really nice. There's a real feeling of community," says English, who regularly hosts parties for his members at downtown bars.

English hopes his list doesn't lose its personal touch. Sure, it grows by 10 to 20 members every day - and each party he throws usually generates at least 50 new members - but he's keeping an eye on quality control.

"The way to do this is to constantly remind people to only refer people who share our core values." he says...

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"Quentin's Friends made a remarkable difference in my life!"
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