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Over the past 5 years, we have built an amazing community of incredible people from diverse professional, ethnic and national backgrounds, with a very wide variety of interests and concerns. We all have one thing in common however: our values.

We all share the personal values on which Quentin's Friends was based when I founded it: honesty, integrity, courtesy, respect, generosity, gratitude, fun, positivity, open-mindedness & of course a sense of humor!

While we have members all over the world, we are currently 'New York' focused. My vision for Quentin's Friends is to build on the solid foundation that we have created together, to increase the value that we can all both receive and give by developing Quentin's Friends in a number of ways - I have some exciting plans in mind!

To enable my ideas to become a reality - to sustain current activity and to raise funds to support our development plans - and instead of taking outside investment from a Venture Capitalist who would put the emphasis on profits rather than values, I have introduced a modest membership fee. I sincerely hope that you, my fellow 'Quentiners', will help me to continue building something that is both special and, different from anything else around.

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