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  • The security of knowing that every Quentin's Friends member you interact with has been vouched for by another member, and therefore shares our founding values of: honesty, integrity, courtesy, respect, generosity, gratitude, fun, positivity, open-mindedness & a sense of humor(!).
  • Quality Control: Every communication you receive from Quentin's Friends is first checked and approved by a carefully trained Quentin's Friends moderator, to ensure that it is easy to read and understand, and to block SPAM or emails considered inconsistent with Quentin's Friends purpose &/or values.

As a Full Member you will be able to:

  • Tap into a resource of thousands of friends (and friends of friends) that you can instantly ask or tell anything you might normally ask or tell your regular circle of friends.
  • Ask for advice or recommendations on any subject and receive almost immediate feedback - often from dozens of people.
  • Tell thousands of like-minded friends (& friends of friends) about events or activities that you are involved in - such as your band playing in a downtown bar, your gallery opening or a benefit by your favorite charity.
  • Discover new plays, movies, galleries, comedy shows, restaurants, bars and clubs recommended by fellow members.
  • Seek, buy or sell anything (legal!) at great prices - furniture, appliances, computer equipment, cars, apartments, last minute concert tickets etc.
  • Find a job , free-lance work or business partners
  • Find employees , sub-contractors or free-lancers
  • Find a sublet or room-mate (who has of course been vouched for by a fellow member).
  • Get invited to a wide variety of benefits, networking, educational or cultural events - often free or at discounted rate for Quentin's Friends members.
  • Get on the Guest List at top nightclubs and parties.
  • Benefit from many exclusive offers provided to you by Quentin's Friends and fellow members.
  • Seek recommendations for professional advisors - an accountant for your taxes, a visa lawyer.
  • Promote your company, products or services (subject to certain posting guidelines and a small additional fee).
  • Invite your friends & family to join Quentin's Friends
  • Help feed hungry New Yorkers : 10% of membership proceeds will be donated to City Harvest. If all the current members upgrade their membership, together we will be able to feed 200 New Yorkers for a whole year!!
  • Enjoy the benefits of the future growth and development of Quentin's Friends as we launch in other cities and add features such as a 'Members' Events Calendar', a 'Recommended Service Providers/Members Recommendations' section, 'Personal Profiles' etc..
  • Assist with the current running costs of Quentin's Friends

Please Note: Membership of Quentin's Friends Online Community is 'By Referral Invitation Only' .

Please DO NOT ENROLL as a Full Member unless you:

.  Are a current member (currently receiving emails from Quentin's Friends etc.) or

.  Have been referred to Quentin's Friends by a current member/friend and have received an invitation to join from us.

If you are not a member and have not been invited to join, then please click here.


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