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Business/Professional-Related Posting Contribution

A contribution advance is required for each business-related posting that specifically promotes your product, service or (non-charity) revenue generating event.

If you wish to post a business-related email to the group, please carry out the following steps:

  • To post emails you must be a member of the community (if you are not a member, currently receiving emails from Quentin's Friends etc., please click here for information on membership).
  • Format the subject line correctly as described here.
    Start by making a personal introduction to yourself as an individual - as if writing to your friends' friends! - this is important for two reasons:
    - You will get a better response to your email if people gain a sense of who you are as an individual.
    - It will ensure your email does not look like SPAM (an unsolicited advertising email)
  • Explain your relationship to the company
  • Introduce your company/services/products
  • If possible include an exclusive or special offer for Quentin's Friends Members.
  • Make a mandatory contribution in advance of $20.00 for each posting.
  • Send your email to [email protected]
Thanks for your contribution, it will help fund current activities and future development of Quentin's Friends Online Community.
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